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If you are desiring to understand the spirit realm, the gift of prophetic anointing, as it relates to your carnal mind, and the heavenly mind, which is spirit, this is the book for you. Many Christians and saints, pray, meditate, worship, and know scripture in the bible, but many do not know much about the realm wherein God and his angelic host reign. The words God speaks come from where He is. The gifts he bestows on mankind are  weapons for warfare, but if you don't know your gift, or how to operate in it fully, you will never have complete deliverance.
John 6:63 It is the spirit which quickeneth (gives life). The flesh profits nothing. The words I speak to you they are spirit and they are life.
Here in these pages, the fruits of the spirit, the gifts of the spirit, how to worship in spirit, how flesh is sinful until you've been renewed in your mind and transformed. The answers to the 5 ways to reach God in spirit, will help you to walk in his miraculous light.  Tamara Harris-Boman, has been gifted with 'the seer' anointing, and she shares her journey with you, in these captivating pages!

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